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Only problem is that why would a male character appear on IS campus if he can't pilot one of those things.

And Phantom Task gives me plenty of reason to pull a dark one on the plot.

As for RPing, I was thinking of running one on Spacebattles, just that no one there seemed to know about IS in the first place...
The reason for why Magi and Empyrean and another Raven (I will reveal him later) is on school grounds is because the whole independant country thing. Similar to the Raven's Nest, it is "Neutral Ground". Meaning the Ravens are unafflitrated with any organization except the IS academy. This any nations who wants them for guns for hire can do so without pissing off another country and allows them as "peacekeepers".

Also, Vertex is bankrolling the Academy, who can say no to a lot of dosh coming their way? They pay 25% of the costs to the Academy, in exchange for Ravens to operate here of course
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