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Well, I guess, it's my turn, huh?

Spoiler for Orimura Ichika's Wingman ~ Arrives?!:

Constructive criticism is appreciated as always. In practice, this fella is gonna be a pretty funny combination of, well, just about all the traits you expect in a Whacky?Ace!Buddy-Bro-Mentor. I'm drawing influences in all sorts of places from Kousaka-sempai from Minami-ke to the obvious Galactic Pretty Boy himself of Star Driver fame.

But now that I've shown another number from my hand, I suppose, all there is left to do is follow through with a pilot episode. I kinda wanna do an action / theme heavy prologue first to set the "mood", or should I use that idea as a cool backstory moment, instead?

We'd get an early appearance by Laura Bodewig, y'know? Any takers?

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