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Well, I guess, it's my turn, huh?

Constructive criticism is appreciated as always. In practice, this fella is gonna be a pretty funny combination of, well, just about all the traits you expect in a Whacky?Ace!Buddy-Bro-Mentor. I'm drawing influences in all sorts of places from Kousaka-sempai from Minami-ke to the obvious Galactic Pretty Boy himself of Star Driver fame.

But now that I've shown another number from my hand, I suppose, all there is left to do is follow through with a pilot episode. I kinda wanna do an action / theme heavy prologue first to set the "mood", or should I use that idea as a cool backstory moment, instead?

We'd get an early appearance by Laura Bodewig, y'know? Any takers?
You are taking a bit off a lot of series, while I stick to one series in particular, your character uses a lot of inspiration from several animes and games. No problem, it gives a bit of a "Jack of Personalities, personification of none.". Pretty cool character though

Magi more grounded in Armored Core's roots, being personification of the corporations that run it for example. He doesn't upset the social order but understands certain things need to be done to maintain Crest's relevance to the world. He knows that the AC advertisement project is a do or die thing. Trying to replace IS as the "End All Weapons" could ruin his relationship with the I.S. Academy and get himself killed. The I.S Academy is also the only safe sanctuary the Lynx and Ravens have, considered neutral territory. They can safely accept missions and not really choose sides in a war. In exchange, he pays "Rent" to the Academy through donations. Which pleases the Japanese government a lot since it is nice to have someone lining their pockets.

Spoiler for Magi's AC: Death Mask:

More details on Empyrean's AC: Prophet
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