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Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
I'm not really sure why "cliche" is the first thing which would come to mind. It's not a particularly ambitious story, but I love the simple but effective set up of the scenario and the characters. It's clearly not a story which relies on suspense or plot twists to carry it, but for an action show about a group of mutants trying to save their own kind from destruction by a high society shadow organization, it's pretty well executed.
The bold pretty much says why cliche was what springs to mind at first when it comes to the story here. You said it yourself, this is a pretty common story that had been told countless times across different mediums, all the way from the East to the West of the world.

Now that's not to say that any of that is bad. Just because the story lacks originality or doesn't appear to be that ambitious in it's aims doesn't mean it's going to be any lesser than other shows IMO. Treading over already explored and known territory without offering anything new is cliche since these are tropes and stories we had seen before, but in ToK case, I think that helped it.

This is a series that relies on it's visual aspect as it's strong point, and that it does really well. It's well produced and made, as expected of an OVA/Movie release, but the action here isn't just pretty and well choreographed, but also complex with more than one character engaged in battles, and calculates things like the environment where they are fighting in to add more to the fights, rather than being a backdrop or even unaccountable in many action show most of the time. A lot of thought and effort went into making sure that not only did this have to look good, but it had to be easy to follow and impressive to look at the same time.

This is a very cliche story, and there is no problem with that, at least in me view. I enjoy and appreciate direction, be it visual, audio or written (though I'd like a combination of all being good) and in here the visual direction is not only strong, but a testament that BONES can still show that it can produce a high quality action anime.

The problem though, is that this might be setting itself to a Heroman situation, where the lack of ambition of the story ends up killing it by the finale stretch.

(That and they really shouldn't release half of the episode before the pre-airing, and then release the full episode before the BD release as well ... that's not a clever way to go about it, I think)

Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
Blood-C is honestly much, much more "cliched" in the sense that it intentionally builds off on a checklist of various completely unrelated elements which are just meant to appeal to various different people. I would say Towa no Quon is more of a traditional show, and it feels a lot more like stuff that I used to see more of in the 80s and 90s, except without terrible CG vehicles.
Well yeah, it's CLAMP story. WHat did you think the C stood for? I'm not sure why you'd bring up Blood-C here, when no one really mentioned it (or even said that it was original lol) but for the record, being a fan of Blood-C, I admit it's not the most original show and does contain several CLAMP cliches. However, the problem with the show right now rests more with it spending half of it's time trying to overbuild intrigue and the mystery, when it should've spent less time on that and tried to make better use of it's time getting to the point.
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