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Originally Posted by Ronin Aquila
Righty then.

If you look very carefully at certain scenes in which Mikoto the cat herself is present, but not in the actual shot itself, you will see a shadow vaguely resembling the human mikoto cast on the walls/trees/whatever is nearby.

Though compounding to the mystery of whether the cat is possessed by a human spirit is that the cat and the shadow/supposed spirit are never in the same frame together, opening up the possibility that there just might be a completely human Mikoto sneaking around somewhere out there in the MO world...
Woah, what? Do you mean in the shots where Mikoto (as a cat) is not the actual focus of a certain shot but a part of it, her shadow shows a human figure of Mikoto (as a human?) Just trying to make sure because I didn't think I'd miss something as huge as that o_o
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