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Originally Posted by surerman View Post
B4 Mari come join the fray, Harem ending is the possible one, but now the axe ending approaching

This is based on:
1.The two not in mutual love
2.The key that she has clearly not the real one (it's broke), even the design is mismatch
3.Marika come as true key holder as well as the girl Chitoge father mentioned in the Party, heck! she is his god damn fiancee!!and her key also fire based design, like the locket
4.Previous rival contender reduced to background character (Onodera)

If the author want to make a good ending, he supposed to never introduced other key holder between the two, but well...look like this series intended to follow TLR 'open ending' but invited Mx0 'axe ending' instead
The fact that they don't like each other in the beginning and are constantly quarreling is like the broadest sign u can get in romcoms. There is no bigger label that has "ending couple" on it than that, not more.

Also, You do realize that the fact the key broke was just a plot device to postpone the question whether Chitoge's is the real key, right?

Once this arc is over I expect Marika to be in the same "secondary" position as Onodera.

Originally Posted by surerman View Post

he said he will married the one he make promise with, turn out to be Marika with the key as proof, yet still latch onto blonde gorilla with "prevent Mafia and Yakuza wars" as an excuse.

How is her key proof that she is the one he made the promise with? Please don't tell me vague key designs are your only clue here. If they made a promise then why did their fathers need to force them into an arranged marriage. Marika knows as much about the promise as the rest.
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