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Originally Posted by Waven View Post
Also, You do realize that the fact the key broke was just a plot device to postpone the question whether Chitoge's is the real key, right?
postpone?, hello? the key broke, how can that be a postpone plot device? it's clearly state: "this key is not for this hole" which mean: "yours is not the correct one" and conclude: "you're not the one made promise with him in the past"

mmm... may be I should use more primitive example.......for the message to get through

ah! it like this penis (humans) is not for this vagina (elephants)

hope it clear enough

Originally Posted by Waven View Post
Once this arc is over I expect Marika to be in the same "secondary" position as Onodera.
Onodera status already screwed from the moment she lies to him (about the key)
unlike Marika that have lots of 'back up'

Originally Posted by Waven View Post
How is her key proof that she is the one he made the promise with? Please don't tell me vague key designs are your only clue here. If they made a promise then why did their fathers need to force them into an arranged marriage. Marika knows as much about the promise as the rest.
their fathers didn't force it, it because those two so close to each other, that two fathers agreed into it. The Locket is reminder, in case their little ones, forgot about the promise.
If Marika's father so doting on her daughter, and unable to resist her will to married to this Yakuza boy, than it's match. How come such two archenemies engaged their offspring if not for the sake of their little one?

The childhood photo of Marika and Raku? with Locket and Key purposely being visible? as a clue?

and....vague key design? oh! sorry didn't now you have such bad eyesight (just kidding) XD
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