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First of all... all of this is my opinion, I might forget to mention that here and there, so I'm taking the effort to state it first.

I originally was going to avoid this topic, but I keep seeing it near the top of the page when I come here, it's been getting on my nerves. Discussions like these I find to be pointless, since most of the time what is considered to be a true middle ground (appealing to both genders) is utterly boring! (of course that's just my opinion)

First we must ask the question, what is a "game for women?"

It's been brought up, but not a single person clearly stated what would a game for women entail. Would it be large amount of drama and relationships like a soap opera? Would there be a lot of clothes customization like how rpgs have? (I really like that kinda feature, few games have that). But really, what do women really want in games? Have they voiced their preference enough that it became well known? I'm certainly not aware of anything like that.

Men and Women have different types of interests. I personally believe this is mostly biological, the rest are the minorities for whatever reason. Which brings up another question. Why should any company invest most of their profit to cater to the minorities? The way I see it, it's like a fashion company or a jewelry making company creating products primarily for the male market. This does not mean that there shouldn't be anything for the male audience that like fashion and clothes, but they are the minority. The problem is: Who is buying more of the clothes? Who is buying more of the jewelry? It's women. But why is it women and not men? Simple, most men are not as interested in those kind of things when compared to women. It just doesn't make sense to spend hard earned profit on something that will bring you less profit that you would otherwise make. So it's NOT about "forgetting" the female audience, it's just that females are just not that interested in gaming when compared to males. This is the reason there are so few games which are considered to be for girls. There was some statistic here that there were something like 40% female and 60% male gamers. But I find those numbers to be a little skewed to a specific genre of games.

I have personally met a few women and teenage girls that do play games, and when I say few, I really mean just a few. What were the other teen girls doing? Talking about relationships, clothes, some TV show they've watched which is mostly catered to the female audience (I'm not making this up, I've seen this first hand). And what were the teen guys doing? Talking about sports, games, silly random things guys tend to do, some TV show they've watched which is mostly catered to the male audience..... I forgot where I was going with this... sorry about that lol.

Now let me just nitpick on something that was said here somewhere, or at least implied unintentionally. Just because a game has a large male audience, does that automatically mean that the game cannot be enjoyed by women? I personally find an opinion like that to be ridiculous. Does this mean that in order for a game to be a game for women, the majority of the sales must be from female buyers? Just a question I thought I'd throw out there.

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