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There's this strange fact about "the sims", and that's that while the predominance of female players that enjoy it is absolutely palpable, it seems that the developers are going to a complete different direction from what those players actually want.

You just need to take a look at the modding community and what's the most popular trend among them. And I think it's more than evident what kind of direction they are taking. For the most part they try to improve realism, and to transform the sims in models you can see in fashion magazines. Premade sims even if males show large amount of make up, extremely fashionable clothes, awesome hairstyles and so on.

And what do the developers give you instead? Cartoons! Freaking Cartoons!
What do you think it's more appealing to the female population? Cartoons or Soap operas?

There are a lot of people that never touched the sims 3 because they can't stand the pudding faces. And I'm one of them.

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