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Originally Posted by darkchibi07 View Post
Considering Justin Sevekis has contacts with the Japanese industry folks, I'd say he has more credibility than you give him credit for.
Having contacts with Japanese industry folks doesn't mean his analysis of the industry is not off - that's an "appealing to authority" logical fallacy. I could also throw around my own "credentials" - I actually have several business contacts with the big anime record labels including the likes of Misshi (Mishima Akio of King Records) and Pony Canyon and Lantis as well, but that alone doesn't make me an expert either - it's all about the evidence, and Answerman's record and view of the industry is not exactly stellar when he is using the wrong evidence to prove his point. Disregarding that and just focusing on this topic - is my critic of him using iTunes as a measuring stick of how the Japanese shunts internet/mp3 wrong when I have shown with plenty of evidence that it is certainly not the case and that his view is narrow sighted? Head over to Listen Japan and see for yourself - their offerings are up to date anime songs which are DRM free - even if these songs are not available on iTunes. The evidence shows that he is wrong, simple as that.
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