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Originally Posted by ken_FF View Post
Haha, maybe someone should suggest for a "Romance in TaMnI" thread since everyone have their own speculation on who Touma would end up with. As for me, I've already given up romance for the series since the so called "romance" (or the lack of it, as I've said before) in TaMnI is more of a comedy than anything else.
Well speculating is the only thing we can do. It's very rare to see a good fight in TAMNI:

Toma vs mikoto:

Well you can't tell it's a fight, it's more like watching a tissue absorbing water, same as toma nullifying mikoto's electric shocks.

Toma vs Styl:

This was interesting to watch and one of the best fights to think if you compare it to the others because styl showed some more bad-ass moves.

Toma vs Kanzaki:

Kanzaki: step aside, give us index
Toma: no not before you hear my heroic speech
Kanzaki: Be warned, i'm gonna tell you my magical name (cut's Toma)
Toma: ..... procedes with his nonsense
Kanzaki: oh no, we've got no feelings you say, we're no humans you say!!! Take this!!! starts to kick his ass on a barbaric way and brings him home??? WTF

Very boring

Toma vs Accelator:

great fight, this is how it should be

The rest of the fights in the whole story were crap,

note: toma punches sherryl to the wall and almost makes a holl in the wall!! Wtf, are we talking here about superman!!

As you see, the fight's are not worthy to talk about and neither are the explanations of some powers because it's bullshit and very vague.

Ladies and gentlemen, i have said my word
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