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even though I knew the existence of "Eva Beatrice" by the picture in the new OP, I still felt uncertain about the coronation ceremony when I watched it. Throughout the whole scene I kept thinking "It's a TRAP!" and feels quite uncomfortable. Then I read the comments in the forum, listened to HoM and went back to watch the episode again. It's when I realised that the music is not as uplifting but instead more suspicious, depressing, and more quiet than HoM.

I quite enjoy the music selection in the torture scene. Like someone posted before it looked like a childish way of torturing other people (well, the idea of jelly ocean and cake mountain certainly sounds childish anyway), like what happened when you gave child with sinister intent strong power. I actually thought that it fits the scene better than HoM, but probably because the selection in the anime is good.

ew......impaled from the back of the head.......I won't complain about the censorship here....

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I lol'd at the Jack Bauer comment too xDD
I think it's in the discussion about episode 7 that someone posted the Jack Bauer DEEN picked up the joke as well.
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