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To Terminator and Babylon:

I confess I am both flattered and bemused that my stuff is somehow or another the unofficially accepted Shadow Mirror (Gasp!) universe around here. But Kamen Rider Decade? Seriously? ...Well, that could be interesting, and since you ARE giving me a blank check here, I guess I am part of the Endless Frontier. ...You realize I will be featuring some insanely badass femme fatales, whose presence alone would make canon implode from shear AWESOME-ness.

Can you imagine how badly the likes of Anemone, Cynthia Lane, Revy, Roberta, Balalaika, Juliana Everhart, The Azure Witch, and vis-a-vis would dominate the scene? Phew. Chifuyu was damn lucky that at her Mondo Grosso, either the ladies were ineligible to compete or they were occupied with something else more monetarily worth their while at the time.
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