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Lightbulb Lightbulb moment here. Brace for LARGE HAM!

Originally Posted by Terminator98 View Post

You can actually make him become a "Fallen Angel" if you want, but my main idea was that this guy looks dark, acts dark but isn't actually a bad person, just traumatized by a past event.

Towards the end, he would come to understand how in the end Lyn ended up in his IS's AI core, why she wanted, etc... and he'll assist in the final battle or whatsoever.

And yeah, a fight with Dynames would prove interesting. (Imagines to stealth fighters fighting each other)
Thing is, Belial is armed with a one-hit kill melee weapon, and his two others are rather long and still cut quite sharply (only problem is that he doesn't draw them out for too long or the weapon itself will melt). I haven't seen anything that can realy match blows for now if the two were locked into melee.

Of course, the fact that my mech can't really "spam" it's weapons is one weakness though.

Which makes me think, "Belial Usage Strategy" post should be incoming.
Hey, don't be making assumptions now that everybody who works in Collared, or is using a Missing Number IS, is a totally amoral money grubbing SOB. Just look at the Galactic Pretty Boy, goofiest, genre-savvy guy you'll ever meet. He just happens to be an angel that does dirty deeds, done dirt expensive, on the side, because ammo and maintenance costs a whole lot of moolah.

*Cough*OneofthedownsidestopreferringlotsofDAKKA!vs FREEM!*Cough.*

Ironically, your plot thread for Lyn ending up in Belial touched upon a very key plot point in our Shadow Mirror universe. PM me if you want the details, but I confess that great minds do share a similar collective pool of culture, after all. Although in the Shadow Mirror universe, well, this contributes to Alex's "unhinged"-ness. Dohohoho.

As for having a one-hit kill trump card and nasty melee weapons being the game changers...that make the game NOT fun? Erm, dude, everybody has a trump card or nasty melee around here. Dynames in particular has a modular trump card slot, plus a weapon set that is always changing depending on when the fart of a capybara in South America causes a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean (read: Ray's so fickle).

Guns aside, more importantly, you ought to be more discerning of Dynames' specs / nature. It's not an "Assassin". It can be stealthy, if it wants to be, but "Dynamic Entry Jedi Spartan Elite of Awesome" is more like it.

Yes. Dynamic Entry Jedi Spartan Elite of Awesome, and what a mouthful it is, too. This is going to be fun. VERY Fun. Between Ray trying not to get humiliated by vaporization in the process of dishing out the mother of all love taps, and Alex trying for dear life to keep the obviously mad as a hatter bugger away from his grille. Rusher vs. Camper!

"What BIG eyes, you have, Mister Light! COME TO MY ARMS!"

"Go. To. HELL!"

Why is it like so? Well, Dynames, basically, has on-demand power fists / kicks / weapons due to its shielding system. This takes care of Ray having to invest into any of the wasteful but powerful game ending Energy Swords, where he can be putting those points into something else. (Curiously, he can pull a few moves straight from martial arts flicks, such as the much hyped about but you know is a myth any other dog gone day - "The Butterfly Clap".)

What would he invest it? How about triple strength muscle packages (read: obviously a nod to Battletech / Mechwarrior's Triple Strength Myomer Fibers here)? Oh yes. This allows Dynames to literally punch well above its weight, and it will maul the hell out of anything in melee within its own weight class that hasn't taken similar measures. Why my confidence? Strength-wise, I believe, it's the equivalent of squeezing a heavyweight "Bruiser"-style IS into a much smaller package, granted if the heavyweight took the same upgrade package, the theoretical Gief would easily overpower anything else below it's class, including Dynames.

This perk also grants him the unexpected bonus of being able to perform superhuman feats of pure power (by IS standards), e.g. super leaps, lunges, air stomps, etc., that most IS forgo since they're built on that all-rounder air and land superiority "Gundam" combat paradigm. Dynames is spec'd purely as a ground pounding Lightning Bruiser, strong, flexible, and quick on its feet, with virtually nonexistant flight characteristics and a reduced output inertial dampener at that too. Naturally, this plays into Dynames funny sense of locomotion that is essential to Ray's flashy, tournament style fighting too.

He roller dashes everywhere like he was ice skating, and a star figure skater at that too, varying his velocity and acceleration by working in his primary thrusters to the rhythm of his routine. In addition to the bunker-style E-Brakes built into Dynames' feet, there are also supplemental thrusters throughout its frame that lets Ray "Quick Boost" to change his direction an speed unpredictably, and rapidly. Throw in his cloaks, which can be used for variety of purposes, such as thrown distractions, and it's a right royal pain in the backside to hit him.

Possible solutions to alleviate this set back of annoyingly evasive target include, just to a name a few, trying to get the drop on him completely, or just saturating the area with overkill levels of firepower.

Suffice to say, it's a given that Ray throws up often after a serious fight, especially if he ate within an hour or two of the event. All those spinning jumps, turns, pirouettes, grand standing, etc., can't be good on your body. Sure, he can end fights very quickly, if he went for the melee, while taking pot shots, or he could try to shoot his opponents into submission.

But that's not very exciting or fun, and Ray loves to put on a good show for everyone. Thus, he will freestyle and ham up the fight to the max. Like a good large ham, he boasts and calls out the names of his attacks, while wearing down his opponents to goad them into some kind of insane all-or-nothing epic finish: either in a melee combo, more DAKKA! combo, combined arms combo, or the trump card of the day.

At present, I hear he's very fond of the Tesla Licht Institute's "Final Beam" Equalizer, which has taken up the spot for the trump card slot. Ray being Ray, though, has hammed it up to a whole new level.

"Even in the darkest hour, Tau's radiance fills the galaxy. Shine ~ TAU! GALAXY!! BEAM!!!"

Unsurprisingly, he has earned the epithet,"The King of Hams", from his supporters and detractors.

...That said, how does he actually fight when life and death, or the damsel or bro in distress is on the line? That's a topic for another time.

Just saying, it's going to be FUN, dude. Very fun. Cat and Mouse game.
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