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Originally Posted by John117xCortana View Post
Um, what does Karon have in mind ?
She considers herself very powerful, with an IS unit mounting not just a 3G Core, but 3 Yggdra Engine upgrades, two more than any other 3.5th Gen IS that are signature to the ASEAN Foundation, giving her a maximum power reserve that outstrips even 4G frames (at the cost of being over-powered and over-gunned for a frame its generation). Being a generalist design, the Merlion usually relies on flat-out overpowering her opponent with excessive beamspam (and giving her mechanic palpatations as the hull integrity takes a beating). The unit does so while remaining very agile and quick. However, if the enemy can outrun even her Leopard claws, it doesn't matter how powerful she was, she can't hurt them.

It is a worthy cause for reflection, for it is a flaw in her strategy. And probably an avenue to teach her to rely on others more.

Originally Posted by Terminator98 View Post
Ok... time for my character's full introduction history:
First thing first: did you CGI that yourself?!

Excellent work and great intro post. Now if you would place all the profile elements together in one post I can link to it from the Index (once I get it done...)

PM the link if you could please.

Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
It was originally developed as a countermeasure when IS-es first appeared for the original standard issue rifles, based on beam-riding principles of laser-guided missiles.

Though the AIS rounds have been developed, this weapon is still incredibly useful against heavier-armour IS-es or those with fast movespeeds but slow rates of turn (simple application of inertia and momentum in aerospace science).

Also, now Keroko has introduced a uber-weapon IS I want to put in something it cannot beat : magnetically reinforced shields, or hardened shields. It would require the RG component to soften up before the shields can take damage normally - it adds in an element of teamwork and friendship into the fic.
*scribbles notes*

I suppose I could consult you about IS sci-fi technologies. My next character is an Engineer from Singapore tasked to make sure the Merlion doesn't tear itself to pieces, and he will be teaching IS mechanics and engineering for a few classes. Maybe even be Class 1 - 2 homeroom teacher.

Don't worry, the key players in the class are still apathetic. XD

Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
I'm... utterly confused what's going on here.

Who are these girls in space? Why are they in space?
*reads post again*

*whacks forehead*

I forgot to take them out of space when I redid the post! But who are they will have to wait. This is a prologue after all.

I've fixed the post up so that most of the pilots are under the influence of gravity. Except the orange one; let's just say she's a rather 'batty' kind of pilot, with an IS to fit that preference for hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Originally Posted by asaqe View Post
Simply put, the universes of Armored Core 3 and 4 witnessed an anomaly happen in their land, dubbed "Gateway", they were transported to another dimension that took them to the Infinite Stratos' timeline. Due to the ravaged status of their worlds (from suicide weapon/pulverizer attacks and Kojima particle poisioning). The League of Ruling Companies from For Anwser and Vertex and it's shell companies (Crest, Kisaragi, Mirage) send some of their assets over here to see to it they expand on this new world. By force or economic might.

The League is simply the League from Armored Core. Orstarvia and Omer are absent in the series but Interior Union, due to their female centric corporation plays a heavy role in this crossover.

The reason why I don't have my male characters pilot IS is to keep the original world of IS mostly intact. Until something happens, the Ravens rely more on Armored Cores/NEXTs to fight enemy IS. But they will never be seen using one.
That's a relief... I suppose this applies only to the Shadow Mirror universe.
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