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She considers herself very powerful, with an IS unit mounting not just a 3G Core, but 3 Yggdra Engine upgrades, two more than any other 3.5th Gen IS that are signature to the ASEAN Foundation, giving her a maximum power reserve that outstrips even 4G frames (at the cost of being over-powered and over-gunned for a frame its generation). Being a generalist design, the Merlion usually relies on flat-out overpowering her opponent with excessive beamspam (and giving her mechanic palpatations as the hull integrity takes a beating). The unit does so while remaining very agile and quick. However, if the enemy can outrun even her Leopard claws, it doesn't matter how powerful she was, she can't hurt them.

It is a worthy cause for reflection, for it is a flaw in her strategy. And probably an avenue to teach her to rely on others more.
Which type would the Night Fury be in ?

The Night Fury can outrun and outmanuever even the Merlion but the Merlion outguns the Night Fury. And the Night Fury doesn't have a shield.
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