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Cure for baldness? Researchers identify scalp chemical that stops hair growth

"Researchers at the Univ. of Pennsylvania say they have identified the scalp
chemical that stops hair from growing, and believe it may finally—finally!—lead to
the elusive cure for male pattern baldness.

The scientists found that a protein called PDG2 was three times as prevalent on
the scalps of balding men. (PDG2-blocking drugs are already being tested by
researchers working on alternative treatments for asthma, so they're hopeful
testing for baldness can be expedited.)"

"Until then, men will undoubtedly continue to resort to expensive treatments for
hair loss and regrowth. According to In Touch, actor Tom Cruise wears a "helmet-
like device"—the $699 "Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator"—for 25 minutes a day to
stave off hair loss."

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