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I'm so conflicted on Kaoru as a character. I didn't think it was possible for someone to be such a bitch half the time and a pretty awesome person the other half. I think this is the main reason I disliked the romance angles with this show, it seemed to bring out the worst in the characters, while the friendship's left me feeling a lot happier. I feel Kaoru would of been a bunch better character if he wasn't always trying to get with Rii-chan.

And like others, I'm conflicted on the last few episodes as well. I wasn't too happy with episodes 10 and 11, and the first half of 12 was incredibly infuriating with the usual Kaouri/Rii-chan ackward awfulness that they have to jam into every episode, but I quite enjoyed the last half, even if it was incredibly ambiguous. I haven't read the manga so I can't comment on how different is was.

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I was hoping this would get animated
Spoiler for final jam session:
Fitting that the artsyle is so close to Nodame, and I even see some Usagi drop in there. Or maybe it's because Shoujo/Josei Mangaka seem to have very similar artstyles a lot of times.(not that that's a bad thing.)
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