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Well, besides the fact that it IS an ultra generic plot development, the childhood friend thing seems more justified in this case. I mean, her sister lived just above him, it's not so far fetched that she would have met him sooner or later, even more if it's just that scene they showed and nothing more.

Whatever, the episode was pretty good and heartwarming as a whole. The fight was okay, not as good as ep2's fight but hey, what can I expect? Toning down the drama was a great decision, especially if it's in favour of MCs relationship. I have a little concern about how they will handle Yuuta's development. Rikka's was mostly covered already, especially after this ep, but for now they are falling for the common pitfall of making the guy fall for the girl without any apparent reason besides pity/lazy writing. I hope Yuuta and his feelings get more focus later on. Also, the side characters are getting too side-tracked for my taste, that's another issue.

As for the visuals, it was standard Kyoani fare, which in my case is a bit of a let down considering the promising sakkan. Feels like she corrected too few drawings, or that she toned down her style a bit. Not sure if I dig that, there's already too much uniformity in Kyoani. Maybe they had some schedule problems, I don't know. The animation was maybe just a bit scarcer than normal (besides the fight), but not really noticeable.
The direction was not astounding, but I liked it very much. The episode felt very coherent and progressed really naturally, unlike the last one where the constant mood shifts were a bit jarring. Again, I liked the handling of the music and the portrayal of Rikka's thoughts. Rika Ota is shaping to be a solid mid-high tier Kyoani director if she keeps this pace.

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