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Originally Posted by Warm Mist View Post
...for now they are falling for the common pitfall of making the guy fall for the girl without any apparent reason besides pity/lazy writing....
There are many reasons for him to fall for her: constant physical presence of cute girl, girl admires him, girl's fantasy life is like his was, she is therefore somewhat similar to him, girl likes him, girl needs help, he grows by helping her. I think they are portraying this quite well.

What I find frustrating is the opposite: that he is taking so long to really fall. I do recognize that what frustrates me here is actually a strength: not rushing the development but letting it happen as the characters naturally make it happen.

As for "childhood friend" or "fated encounter," I don't think either of those is exactly involved here. To me, that one image just indicated that she remembered the first time she happened to see the DFM, on the balcony above when she was visiting her sister.

Good episode, except for the fact that I am impatient for fuller romantic development. I mean apart from the development between Nibutani and Dekomori, which was great. Try as she will, Nibutani just can't help unconsciously being attracted to the girl who worships her former self. And Dekomori is so smart that she may semi-consciously know that this is the real Mori Summer.

I loved the part of margafred's post that talked about sharing. So true.
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