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Rikka and Yuuta really looked like a couple this episode. Plus I only now noticed how pretty that silhouette dress Rikka is wearing, she looks really good in it.
Tsuyuri leaving Isshiki was so mean... I bet if it was the other way around, the one left behind would be super pissed (generally speaking, I doubt Tsuyuri would get angry).

Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
There are many reasons for him to fall for her: constant physical presence of cute girl, girl admires him, girl's fantasy life is like his was, she is therefore somewhat similar to him, girl likes him, girl needs help, he grows by helping her. I think they are portraying this quite well.

What I find frustrating is the opposite: that he is taking so long to really fall. I do recognize that what frustrates me here is actually a strength: not rushing the development but letting it happen as the characters naturally make it happen.
The way I see it is Yuuta is so focused on getting Rikka to stop or at least calm down on her chuuni actics that he really doesn't get the chance to think about the other things about her. And Rikka seems like she doesn't even know she's falling in love, but I'm pretty sure she at least knows that Yuuta is important to her.
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