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Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
Or maybe Maria just knows that her relationship with Saki is not compromised either way so why worry? She loves Saki, Saki loves her and kept loving her even when she was in love with Shun/supposedly in love with Ryou, and the pair-ups don't change anything. In the meanwhile, there's Mamoru who loves her and whom she already has a comfortable, loving relationship with.
Well, a lot of this depends on how adults live in Saki's society.

Once the formal pairings of the latest episode of Saki are complete, do they sort of negate/nullify preexisting sexual pairings?

If they don't, I'm not sure why this society would even bother with such a formality. I mean, it's almost like expecting everybody to get married even while they're in a hippie "free love" society.
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