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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
i'll just keep saying it - "some/most of the population may be getting too stupid to own firearms or any other advanced technology"
And therefore, not enough is being done to prevent that portion of the population from getting access. But given the way US law works -- you can't determine whether a person is qualified or not UNTIL something stupid happens.

Of course, that can change IF a system is installed to ensure all (or as many as possible) are indeed qualified to possess fire arms. The licensing system must be as thorough as that of drivers licenses (with regular expiration dates and competency tests). Is there such a system in place? No, there isn't.

Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
Oh look, a law abiding cell phone owner.

Man accused of killing teen while texting, driving to stand trial

Vexx is of course correct.
Stupidy doesn't require a gun to kill, Kyuu.
Yes, no one can prevent these things 100%. But at least, for cell phones, there are laws in existence to minimize the effects of that stupidity.

Don't forget to mention alcohol. Oh wait, that matter is pretty much settled as alcohol is regulated up the ass, plus there's a common culture that discourages drunk driving. Yet, drunk driving still happens from time-to-time, where people may die. The problem is not 100% removed; but at least it is not a "epidemic".

For guns? Not enough laws and regulations are implemented. So, quit fighting the inevitable change, join the process, and let the lawmakers do their jobs in that department. If laws are too strict, then there can be ways to loosen them. Trial and error process, y'know.

By the way, you mentioned the idea of your own gun club having some kind of licensing system with regards to fire arms. I think that is a good idea. Now, let's get to work to make sure that everyone is indeed law-abiding.
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