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Originally Posted by holybell84 View Post
The DT in this game seriously boost ur dmg to the point that it kinda shorten a lot of fights too much.....

Last night at the hunter's fight, i encountered another bug..... After the boss recovered from its first stun state without going to the second one where it lies on the floor and launching 1 or 2 attacks, it just stood still there for the rest of the game.... becoming a combo-practicing target with a life bar...... seriously one of the easiest boss fight even of SoS difficulty.
I had something simular with a boss fight. The first time when I was fighting Mundus junior, I was unsure where to slash so I stood behind him slashing at the leg that appeared to be the most unstable. I kept going and he didn't attack me at all, he just... stood there. Then it started to teleport and I went again behind on the same leg and still nothing happened, I think I encountered some bug.
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