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Kurugaya goes from getting pretty close to Dekomori to nearly losing to Gasai Yuno. It's a good performance by Yuno but this probably means both will fall short of making the regular season. Kurugaya needs to go back to doing whatever she did against Dekomori.

Mine Riko is another character who needs to be more like she was during Phase 2-1. While she never stood a chance against Nyarlathotep, Riko could have gotten a bit closer to Nyarlathotep. Riko's chances at making the regular season don't seem very good.

Kirishima Shouko bounces back with another good performance. Aria vs Shouko vs Rin seems like it might be a pretty good match with the winner advancing. The two who fail will still have a good chance to advance in Phase 3.

Menma also puts up another good performance. Kudryavka could use a boost from the next Little Busters episode because Menma has a chance at sneaking past her.

Madoka couldn't keep up the power she displayed last match and gets beaten by Saigusa Haruka. So now we've got a Haruka > Madoka > Neko > Haruka cycle. The other Puella Magi looked fine, though.
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