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Originally Posted by playmaker2k View Post
What makes it worst is there was 1 Chiropteran. One. Uno. Ichi. Out of the whole movie. The rest were monsters.
That wasn't even a chiropteran. The monster killed at the beginning of the movie was an Old One (furukimono, also known as Elder Bairn by some fans; personally, I prefer "Old Ones", because of the allusion to Lovecraft mythology). To quibble about this is to kind of miss the point about Blood-C. Clamp's version of Saya isn't a vampire (as in the original Blood movie), or some special breed of chiropteran (Blood+). She's an Old One herself, and the last of her kind by the end of the movie. Hence, The Last Dark.

As for the lack of story, well, substance was never really a strong point of the Blood franchise.
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