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The show was a masterpiece - stop badmouthing it u.u

I mean, no other show ever had the audacity to do anything remotely like that. It was freaking amazing. From how its setting was so obviously fake and yet how it dared drag it out to how bloody cheesy it got and just how gory it got. No limits whatsoever. Best part was that it wasn't slapstick self-parody like almost every other show that dared to push the audience's patience ever. Oh and how can you hate moe moe slice of life with meganekko badass in sailor uniform???? She was even trying her best to protect everyone even if they got scared of her and all. Those shots of her smiling without any malice or care when completely coated in blood are the best thing to ever have come out of anime

Still haven't watched the movie yet though. Hopefully it won't disappoint even though the plot can't be anything other than Boy A loved Girl B so much that he does all this totally messed up shit that confuses the heck out of himself more than anybody else for her ;_; ( ;_; ). Sorry Clamp, your older stories were much better than these convoluted crap. Get back to something simple and yet riveting like Angelic Layer and work back up from there or something.
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