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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Yeah, but my point was, the usual Superman fare has Clark Kent's life and career mattering to him, for all that it's technically superfluous. (I mean, he could make a living out of crushing coal into diamond, or launching satellites into orbit or something, if he wanted money.)
Most versions of Superman (and older versions of Superboy) involve a costumed hero with a "S" shield just showing up one day, doing heroic deeds, and getting quickly embraced for it. People basically just roll with this mysterious superhero doing good for them, focusing on what he does more than on the hero himself.

In such a narrative, it makes sense for Clark Kent to want to make a life for himself outside of just superhero-ing (Superman himself has admitted that he couldn't handle being Superman 24/7 - He's not as OCD as Batman is ). That's what "Clark Kent" is for. In a world where Clark Kent is presumed to just be a normal human, he simply grows up and goes to Metropolis, and takes on a news reporter profession. And that makes sense, as his news reporter profession feeds nicely into him being Superman - Being a news reporter means it's his job to get scoops on political corruption, crime, etc... which then informs "Superman" to go combat it!

But in this movie, Clark Kent (not wearing a costume) is doing super-deeds (saving that bus-full of kids). This raises suspicions. Clark isn't necessarily casually presumed to be a normal human now. So perhaps to escape possible persecution, he high-tails it. Judging by some of the scenes in previous trailers, my best guess is that he high-tails it to Canada (as an Atlantic Canadian myself, these scenes are eerily familiar).

Eventually, he probably comes to the conclusion that this is a horrible waste of his powers (which, frankly, it is), and so he becomes Superman.

Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
Worse than that. At least Mutants had human parents. Clark is a genuine, full blood alien creature. We often forget about that because outside the 4th wall, Superman is an all-American creation. But Clark Kent as a character is foreign.
Good point. Clark has the "Area 51" concern to think about too, yes. I'm not sure how I feel here. An alien that's fluent in English, and that looks exactly like a human, would probably be someone we'd have a hard time treating like an alien. But the US Government may well feel differently for national security reasons, of course.
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