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Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Kojima will remake those as well. He always does.

His only failed MGS is MGS2, due to a new character that we dunno who. Oh wait he has a spin off and is more popular now because he's a cyborg.
I found Raiden appealing in MGS2 but such game gave me a massive headache during its climax where the Patriots, Solidus, Fortune, Olga and Ocelot come up with lots of plottwists that mindraped me. It actually motivated me to replay the game in a harder difficulty to make a sense of what was going on.

What Solid Snake tells to Raiden is what exactly Kojima tells the player: Don't get so confused with words and just find your answer to your questions. Trying to make a sense of the plot was missing the message (and the ending was originally going to be even more confusing with Olga's identity not revealed.) From what I read Raiden was created as a weak character as an avatar of the player who tried to make a sense of the plot and see Snake's hidden depths. Then Kojima released Solid 2's antithesis, Guns of the Patriots, and tried explaining everything from Solid 2.
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