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Originally Posted by MrTerrorist View Post
You know people might accuse you of being bias since you are creating Trope pages of your own fanfics. I added two tropes and no more since i lost interest with your SAO fanfics.

Anyway.....good luck.
Why do you think I was asking for help? I wanted to reduce the bias at least somewhat, so I have been attempting to 'recruit' potential tropers. I plan on asking for some help in regards to that by promoting the pages in a future omake.

Anyway, I think those YMMV tropes were befitting. After all, at least one of them was something I have been criticized for. I was actually thinking of adding the trope 'arc fatigue' myself. I also thought the words you used for 'What an Idiot' were fitting as well. I always thought Asuna's father was an idiot, so I decided to make him that way in my story as well.

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