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Originally Posted by Jazzrat View Post
You can penetrate corpus helmet with a puncture ability on your weapons though personally, Corpus aren't hard to fight to warrant wasting mod points for that aside from Shred. Weapons with innate armor ignore also works well on their head.
That's for bullet damage (but yes, Shred is win). That said, reading the wiki, according to it, while the Corpus helmet tanks bullet damage, it doesn't tank AP damage (in fact, it gets 2x to AP damage). So my Lex, equipped with +60% AP, is basically doing something like 84 damage per shot on the head.

The Boltor kills crewmen in like 3 rounds to the head, lol. XD

Burston is kinda meh; it's good if you can chain headshots, but IMO it's not really viable outside of corpus.

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