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Originally Posted by Raviel View Post
Btw, how good of a frame is Frost? I was thinking of working my way towards getting the parts to make him but I've heard he's kind of a one-trick pony and one of the more "useless" frames in the game.
Frost is the king of defence, he's kinda one trick pony with Snow Globe but he's a damn good pony at it. Never useless in endgame team context. Disregard all the dps monkey talk, they all hide inside your Snow Globe at the end of the day when shit hits the fan.

Though you might want to hold off using the reactor on him yet because there's a Frost Prime version that can be gotten in the void instance.

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
That's for bullet damage (but yes, Shred is win). That said, reading the wiki, according to it, while the Corpus helmet tanks bullet damage, it doesn't tank AP damage (in fact, it gets 2x to AP damage). So my Lex, equipped with +60% AP, is basically doing something like 84 damage per shot on the head.
Still working up to getting Soma.
The helmet is literally a helmet for Corpus, with puncture, you basically negate the layer that soaks up bullet dmg.

Burston is kinda meh, most burst fire weapon are pretty meh because of the kick up on the recoil and slow rof.

Soma's an ammo guzzler, get ready to scrounge for ammo with that gun lol. I'm waiting for my own ammo muncher, Flux Rifle to finish researching.
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