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Originally Posted by Jazzrat View Post
The helmet is literally a helmet for Corpus, with puncture, you basically negate the layer that soaks up bullet dmg.

Burston is kinda meh, most burst fire weapon are pretty meh because of the kick up on the recoil and slow rof.

Soma's an ammo guzzler, get ready to scrounge for ammo with that gun lol. I'm waiting for my own ammo muncher, Flux Rifle to finish researching.
On the helmet: True, true. Just pointing out that it's still possible to hurt Corpus without an ammo ignore weapon or Shred.

And yeah, Burston is meh. I think I'm going to level it then sell it. Need those mastery levels.

Yeah, Soma's an ammo guzzler lol. Working on trying to grind and get Rifle Ammo Mutation mods ^_^;; That said guys in my clan have run calcs and a properly setup tater'ed Soma will out DPS a Boltor...
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