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Dear Polarem,
I currently continue the Vietnamese Translation Project of CLANNAD, which recently leaded by Midishero. But unfortunately, I don't know how to work at Baka-Tsuki. Up to now, Midis and the recent staff has translated some of Seen files, and it's still stored at BT. But all the seen files are all cleaned up and has no code. So is there any tool to automatically copy data from BT to the full SEENxxxx file stored at my computer?
Hi Bonaquack,

Do you know how to use RLDev? Most SEEN files have two parts: SEENxxxx.utf and The .utf files contain text, and the .ke files contain code.

If you PM me your email address, I can give you a tool to download the text from BT to make .utf files. However, you need to ask Midishero where they stored the .ke files.
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