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The show is attracting a bigger and bigger audience, it appears. TV ratings for this episode put it in 12th spot for the week among all anime, and by far the highest of the late-night anime, at 4.6% of the audience. It was 4.1% for the previous week, which was up from only 3% or so (a respectable showing even then) the week before. It was over 4% for ep1, but dropped in the next couple of weeks and has only now recovered to this high level. Source: 2channel ratings thread.
I told you that it's quite unpredictable...judging form story-telling, character development, and his view to societies, Kamiyama seems to have learned/adapted quite a lot of things from materials outside of anime, so, I'm curious of how far he will be able to go especially in gaining many more audiences out side of usual anime fans.
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