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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Spoiler for ep7:

Spoiler for ep7:
Heh, thought so. Kyoko is much like Nao, especially since Word of God description for Kyoko and Nao is virtually identical. Both use their power the way they want to. Nao's backstory had something tragic happen to someone she was close to, so we'll see if something similar happened to Kyoko.

Spoiler for ep7:
Heh, 3 out 4 ain't bad (since they didn't address wish systems and a potential Mami revival). But this is intriguing, as I would have bet Madoka going a bit nuts, but then again, Sayaka is the MG. It's tough to avoid commenting too much until I see the subs (since I've been led astray as to exact meanings and events before by people who related the raws), but this almost sounds a bit too out of character for her. While my prediction was probably a bit too idealistic, I wouldn't have expected her to go "psycho."

I'll have to wait for the subs, though, to properly judge.

Edit: For those curious, I'll comment a bit on Kyube. First off, his face is always like that; a perpetual smile like a stuffed animal. It's just his eyes are closed. I've learned not to evaluate him based on facial expressions by this point.

However, IF he is mentally torturing her for no good reason, then I'll at least agree that is pretty dickish. But as I said before, I need to watch the subs to get the full context. Just getting this out there to let people know about the potential for my mind changing, since some didn't believe me.
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