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Aaaaah, now that's my Urobuchi Gen ^_^

I had speculated after ep3 that Sayaka would contract for him, wishing for his recovery (check), that her true wish would be to gain his love (check), but that this wouldn't work out (check), and that he would most likely reject her (tentative that's-gonna-happen-check). Simply based on the experience that our beloved screenwriter likes to go for the worst-case scenario and wouldn't merely try to kill you, but twist the knife a bit before that. But I forgot that he's even meaner than what normal people can come up with. Having the love of her life taken away by Sayaka's own FRIEND is perfectly logical, yet even nastier.

Anyway, this is another demonstration how Urobuchi Gen's mind operates. He is _very_ careful to design a logical storyline progression, and he's absolutely ruthless in picking the worst-case scenario within these limits. Consequently, I'm really pretty convinced that Sayaka isn't merely going to die or something. She'll also not merely turn into an antagonist. Come up with about the worst and saddest thing you could imagine, then you're on the right track. The worst I can come up with is "turning into a witch".

So, download completed, off to watch
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