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Hitomi told her she'd confess to Kamijou tomorrow. She advised Sayaka to make a move before then so that she won't have any regret. From my understanding, Hitomi has had feelings for Kamijou for a while, yet she didn't do anything and even tried to forget about him out of consideration for Sayaka. However, she's grown tired of waiting and lying to herself, so now basically, she's telling Sayaka that if she doesn't freaking make her mind up already, she'll take him.

The only reason she's giving Sayaka an advance notice is that she's known Kamijou for longer than her. She feels it's only right for Sayaka to confess first. If she doesn't, then it's her loss. She's been warned, so she can't complain if Hitomi "steals" Kamijo.
That's so much confidence from her, it's like she knows she'll get him. The question now is did Sayaka friend zone herself with all that hospital visiting?
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