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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
For people who are thinking that Mashiro should be allow to do whatever she wants;
You really believe that people should not be allowed to do what they want?

Her fans expect from her to paint. She doesn't want to do that anymore. Her fans will have to move on. Will someone die if she doesn't submit to other peoples wishes? There is absolutely no problem as long she is happy with what she is doing and is earning enough money to live from it. She is young and still has many options to how she will live in her future.

And just because she doesn't want to paint anymore, doesn't change that her paintings are still good and have worth.

Let me give you have simple analogy to consider.
Say for example you created one of the greatest survival horror video game series of all time, and your loyal fans have been following you for years and years.

Then all of a sudden you decide to change that series into an action-oriented game without considering what anybody thinks- Are you telling me that your long time fans have no reason to get angry and demand that you go back to your ‘roots’ ?
The knew Resident Evel game that has sold better than the older games.

An about the talent and expections topic.
My whole life people expetced from me to study art because I have talent for it. I like drawing very much, but that was never what I wanted to do. Should i have to to submit to that and don't be alowed to follow my dream to be a mechanician?
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