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Shiina, is happy and young. All she has done is paintings from when she was very young to the point she had done nothing for herself not even dressing. Since she came to Japan she has been growing more independent than she has all her life. She does not have that influence saying all she can do is paint and be a painter. She has actually gone out by herself some and learning slowly to be more independent something that Sorata has been making her learn to do.

Shiina, is young and has a long life to decide if she wants to do painting again but I am sure by now she is probably burned out at being a professional painter to the point where she was so dependent on others to even dress. To the point common sense was excluded by all around her until Sorata got Mashiro Duty.

Think of it from Shiina's view if you were her and been sheltered and pampered with them expecting nothing from you but paintings would you not tire of that scene? Her entire life has been just that. Shiina, took a big step when she decided to go to Japan on her own and those who were around her most likely thought she wouldn't make it but she has been making it and doing quite well. It feels to me that Rita almost treats her more as an object to be admired than someone with feelings. I do not like Rita's personality she even speaks of Shiina as someone that destroys others and not friendly. It is more like to me that Rita does not really like her and somehow blames Shiina for destroying her own dreams and wants to destroy Shiina's dream and using painting as the excuse. After all Shiina could paint anywhere not just in England.

The only real reason I can see about trying to force her to go back to England is they lost there money maker as they did not teach her what money was so she has probably made a lot being a famous painter but had no concept of money. How many times did Sorata get onto her for taking food without paying for it she didn't even know the concept of money so where has the money she has made gone? Probably to her care takers and they want her back as the object that made them money. She was treated like a mentally handicapped girl with a talent in art and that was about it from how she acts and from description of her past.
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