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Mahou's usual few comments
1. Sorata no baka
2. I was relieved that Rita's character was very pleasant and enjoyable because I feared someone worse aka someone annoying and rude who is biased towards Mashiro (kinda like the friend version of the bra-con). And she's quite the beauty .
3. Sorata's reaction to a normal hotel was indeed over the top. Didn't find this tsukkomi act funny.
4. I think Sorata should have stayed true to his mindset of "I don't agree with Rita, but I don't think I'm Shiina's ally either". Sure, this point of view is more lame, but it also helps to avoid a possible bad atmosphere. BUT, I can see why he thought at the end like this given Mashiro's magnitude of artial skills.
5. On the other hand: Rita's admits she knows hardly a thing about mangas, yet claims Mashiro would waste her talent. Partly true because paintings and maga drawings *are* on a different level (let's ignore some really good-looking offical and fan arts). Still, she knows not much about it + for Japan it has a huge cultural value. Let alone Mashiro's rather strong reaction in "throwing" her out of the dorm.

Oh yea, Sorata no baka!
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