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Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
You really believe that people should not be allowed to do what they want?
I'm telling you it's not as simple as ignoring everything and doing what you want.

You can't expect there not to be backlash of some sort.

Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
The knew Resident Evel game that has sold better than the older games.
Once again ignoring my question like a boss.

Can I take it that you support the decisions of every game developer, every Anime Studio, every mangaka, every movie director, to do whatever the Hell they want?

Heck, if it's your favorite book writer, suddenly stopped in the middle of a good series just to change his profession to something else entirely- Will you support him/her 100%? Take Infinite Stratos for example, are fans not allow to rage at the Author for the current sorry ass state of their series because hey, it's his life- let him do what he wants!

How many people here raged at KyoAni not doing FMP or Haruhi or Little Busters? It's their life after all, let them do what they want right?

Originally Posted by Insane View Post
As for me, i'd go "screw them! My life is my own!"
That's because nobody cares what you do with yours

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