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I think there's a good real world analogy to what Mashiro is going through right now.

And it's Michael Jordan.

Jordan, of course, was a world-class basketball player. Beloved by millions upon millions of people, who thoroughly enjoyed watching him play the sport of basketball. But in the mid-90s, Jordan lost his passion for basketball, and decided to act out on his desire to play baseball.

While Jordan was a world-class basketball player (arguably the best of all-time), he was barely a minor league caliber baseball player. Plenty of pro sports followers felt that Jordan was wasting away his athletic talents by playing a sport he was just barely good enough at to make a career out of when there was another sport in which he was the best in the world at.

I admittedly haven't read much on Jordan, but I'd be shocked if he didn't have loads and loads of people telling him "Dude, stop wasting time on baseball. Get back to what you're really good at - Basketball!"

My sense is that Mashiro is much the same. She's world-class at paintings, but just a passable pro at writing/drawing manga.

Now... Michael Jordan ended up going back to the NBA, and added a lot to his legacy, playing on some more awesome Bulls teams. At the end of the day, was this the best use of his time in the pro sports world, or should Jordan had spent several more years toiling away in minor league baseball?

Personally, I think that if an individual has truly great talent in a particular area, it's an absolutely horrible shame to let that go to waste. It's almost criminal, really, for a person gifted with abilities that millions upon millions would wish to have to not put those talents to good use. We're talking about awesome natural talent that can create awe and wonderment for the world (be it in sports, or art).

I think it's fine for Mashiro to spent some time exploring her interest in manga, and making some professional manga, but should she completely break away from her painting and do nothing more than manga the rest of her life? Personally, I couldn't agree with that. So I can totally see where Sorata and Rita are coming from.

Sorata isn't being stupid at all. He's being practical and fair.

That being said, I'm pretty cynical about where this narrative is going to go next on the whole painting vs. manga thing... but while this is cynical to me, it also should be comforting to those who think that Mashiro should just do what she wants, period.

Two questions:

1. Who's the primary audience for this show? Otakus, of course.

2. In the world of otakudom, what is valued more: Manga or Conventional Paintings?

So I have a pretty good idea of where this story is going to go...

I'd love for the narrative to prove me wrong, though, and go in the more daring direction.
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