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Like others have mentioned, it's up to the individual to decide how or if they use their innate talents. Everyone should be free to pursue whatever ambitions make them happy regardless of what others says. There are exceptions where I believe you have an obligation to use your talents for the "greater good", but this isn't one of those times. Mashiro should do what she likes and her friends and family should support her endeavor.

It would not surprise me if Rita is pushing so hard for Moshira to return to painting because of her own feelings of inadequacy in art. She is a former painter herself and worked hard to get better at something she loves (I assume). Seeing someone else in her field so effortlessly create world-famous paintings while she struggles must be a frustrating experience. Then Rita sees Mashiro drop all of that fame and recognition to go "waste" her talents on manga. It's a slap in the face of everything she's done. It's still irrational and she has no right to foce Mashiro back, but it's definitely relatable.

I will say one thing. While we all know Mashiro works hard at becoming a mangaka, her success so far can't all be attributed to effort and perseverance. She's still relying on some of her natural talents as an artist leftover from painting. There's also the fact that she has extra time to work because Sorata handles all her housekeeping (in some ways that's actually unfair). So I wouldn't giver her as much credit as the work Sorata or Nanami have to put in for their own dreams. I guess that's one way to make yourself feel better when in the presence of a genius. They can't be so damn good at hard work either!

Really nice analysis, Dawnstorm!
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