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Originally Posted by Izayoi View Post
Oh wow, they are going to nerf the red pot start. Riot balancing kills about every inch of creativity on this planet. This is why League of Legends is so dull and so casual. Well folks, time to stack up on lifevamp runes and start dorans.
It was silly all or nothing cheese gambit that made top lane(and mid lane in some cases) even worse snowbally than it had been as it either worked and you got FB and got to be ahead all lane, or you failed and had no chance in lane because of gold gap being extra large.

It was like a doran blade that let you start with potion in exchange for shorter value out of the AD.

Does it effect other phases of the game to nerf it? yes, as much not really.

I am sorry if you consider that a "creative" start to gamble like that then I can't help but laugh.
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