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Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
It was silly all or nothing cheese gambit that made top lane(and mid lane in some cases) even worse snowbally than it had been as it either worked and you got FB and got to be ahead all lane, or you failed and had no chance in lane because of gold gap being extra large.

It was like a doran blade that let you start with potion in exchange for shorter value out of the AD.

Does it effect other phases of the game to nerf it? yes, as much not really.

I am sorry if you consider that a "creative" start to gamble like that then I can't help but laugh.
It is not a gamble. It is an instant heal + good amount of stats that can't be countered. It opens up options for hyper aggression. It is a cheese and cheese are risky but there is no reason to nerf something just because it is a cheese. Also when the players manage to use something outside of its original intent, I consider that to be creative. Having 10 people premade drawing a picture of Teemo on the map with just wards would be creative. Using the red elixir as instant heal is creative. It is being addressed because it is good, not because that it was cheese. Going top with heal and ignite is a risky gamble. A diamond player used to go top with heal and ignite. Heal and ignite did not getting nerfed.

What bugs me is that Riot likes to nerf everything they did not intended into the ground. Sometimes it just gets annoying. Back then I complained that DotA had balancing problems but now I understand the tradeoff.

Also, what options do you have with ADC starter now? Almost everyone on the Asian server is already starting dorans, what about you? Boots and 3 pot? hahahahhahaa.

Edit: Diamond refused to play for Allstar. Good luck EU!
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