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Originally Posted by Izayoi View Post
3.5 Patch Notes

Notable details:
Lux nerf - It was coming, not that it need to be that hard though.
Corki buffs - He is still the only AD champ that is manaless. Maybe there will be future buffs.
Karma buff - It was coming. I don't play Karma so I don't know.
Other buffed champs(Naut, Nami, Nunu etc) - Decent buffs. It seems like Riot is trying to bring in the AP jungles. Naut is really scary.

Seraph's Embrace - Anyone know the reasoning behind buffing this? If this is stacked then it is god-tier. Now let see who can stack it first! *There is a "glitch" where you can "cancel" the spell and it will still charge since it is still "casted."
Muramana - And then they changed this. I am not sure if this is a buff but I gotta try Ryze now.
As I still quite frequently pick Corki I'm delighted by his changes to the ult.

I also liked the Karma remake enough, the overall buffs will make her even more fun to play. I didn't think she was as weak as to justify all these buffs but I'm fine with them.

Not sure the Seraph's changes are really buffs, though. It's rather slightly shifting which champs can put it to good use. The reduced mana cost and the base shield will make it more appealing to champs that still didn't have a huge manapool even after getting Seraph's. If you have less than 3000 mana then the new Seraph's will give u more shield than the old one. More than 3k (mid-late Ryze for instance) and you will get less.
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