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Hmm, thanks to the abundance of dora per game, it seems that the yaku are more important to have one so you can go out. In this case I feel like ranking the yaku due to boredom, and feel free to tell me how wrong I am.

Naturally some yaku are more interesting to think about than others.

Speed: Obviously the ease of compiling said hand
Offense: How hard it is for an opponent to dodge your yaku
Defense: If you're building the hand, and your opponent attacks or declares riichi. How good are your defensive options and contingency plans?
Value: Reward vs Effort. An easily attained 3900 points is better than a 8000 hand that never gets completed. In general, I mean is it worth going out of your way for it.

Pinfu (4 sequences, no scoring pair, must be double sided wait)
Speed: A (One of the fastest hands to make. But it must be closed. It doesn't hurt that much.)
Offense: B (You cover a lot of tiles, but suji gives you away)
Defense: B (Your hand will most likely be middle tiles which can hurt if someone else is also in tenpai)
Value: A (Only 1 han, but it is easy to keep concealed for riichi)

Tanyao (All tiles must be from 2-8)
Speed: S (This is by and far the fastest hand)
Offense: C (It is somewhat obvious and easily dodged once they see it coming)
Defense: C (same as pinfu but more restricted. Open tanyao cries when they draw a 1 or a 9 and then someone attacks)
Value: S (Without a doubt the easiest han you can ever get)

Yakuhai (Dragon or scoring wind pon)
Speed: B (Triplets are harder to make, but if you can pon...)
Offense: S (As long as you have it, you can build your hand however you want)
Defense: A (If you have a concealed set, you can actually break it apart should you decide to fold. Your hand can contain almost anything, so it is easy to work around things.)
Value: C (Your hand will most likely be cheap if you have to open your hand. Mostly for dealer renchans and to end games quickly when you're in the lead)

Toi Toi (All Triplets)
Speed: B (Triplets are harder to make, but you can pon)
Offense: A (You can wait on any tile, but it is possible for people to suppress by dealing already dealt tiles)
Defense: F (Defensive options are limited because you have duplicate tiles, and will most likely have to pon. And even if you have a concealed triplet, that's still 3 of the same tile-- that means have fewer tiles to defend. You will most likely have to take apart a triplet and gamble at some point
Value: C (It can usually score a bit, unless you go for toi toi nomi)

Chanta (All sets contain a terminal or honor)
Speed: D (You're building a hand with the worst tiles in the game. Go figure)
Offense: A (You are waiting on people's unneeded tiles, usually. )
Defense: C (At the same time, your tiles are the least useful to anyone else and what comes out of your hand? Middle tiles. But you can take apart your hand though.)
Value: F (1 han for open? Pretty much only useful to scrape together hands with many dora)

Junchan (All sets contain a terminal)
Speed: F (Like chanta, but even more restricted)
Offense: B (same as above)
Defense (same as above)
Value: C (At least it pays for itself

Honitsu (Hand contains only one suit and honors)
Speed: C (You are restricted to about 2/5 the deck)
Offense: C (It's very transparent but at least you have honors to trick people with)
Defense: C (You will most likely have stray honors to protect yourself with)
Value: B (Plain honitsu is pretty awful since you will most likely have to open. On the other hand it combines well with other yaku such as yakuhai, chanta, and toi toi)

Chinitsu (Only one suit)
Speed: D (like honitsu but even slower)
Offense: F (You might as well play your hand face up)
Defense: D (You are discarding every other suit and honors.)
Value: A (it's worth a shitload though, which is the only reason to ever consider it)

IIpekou (2 identical sequences)
Speed: B (Shows up often in potential pinfu/tanyao hands. It must be closed though)
Offense: C (no comment)
Defense: C (You generally will have a lot of superfluous tiles)
Value: B (If your hand is closed, this will often be a nice addition

SanShouku (3 chow across 3 different suits. )
Speed: C (It's not too hard to make, but may require some slowdown especially if you draw the wrong end)
Offense: B (Usually not totally transparent)
Defense: C (In most cases you will have hanging tiles as you try to build your chow)
Value:S (It synergizes well with pinfu, tanyao, chanta, junchan. This will be your most common haneman+)

Chiitoisou (7 pairs )
Speed (A?) In general, it's a bit easier to make a pair than anything else. Only weakness is that you can't claim any tiles.
Offense: S It pretty much makes any tile but your furiten tiles and fully exhausted tiles unsafe.
Defense: C (You have duplicates of tiles, reducing the choices you have.)
Value: B (It's not worth that many points, but it can always be combined with riichi)

Kokushi Musou (1 of each terminal and honor, and a duplicate of the last 13)
Speed: F (It's a yakuman. Of course you can't just build it. But it's still the most straightforward one)
Offense: A (It can literally come out of nowhere, including tiles that should be safe like the 4th of an honor tile. However, your discards will imply something fishy)
Defense: S+ (You're keeping tiles that near the end that nobody can possibly ron off of, unless they're trying this too. Also, by keeping stray yakuhai, you're suppressing people's ability to pon and get a quick hand.)
Value: A (Doesn't come much, but because of the above is worth a try if you have 9 or more starting pieces)

Last but certainly not least:

Reach (With a closed hand that is in tenpai, place a 1000 bet and lock your hand)
Speed: -1 level to whatever your hand was, because of concealed unless you were going for something that requires concealed anyways.
Offense: -1 level due to people being altered
Defense: N/A (No shit)
Value: S (For some hands it's the only way to get a yaku; therefore it makes them infinitely better. Presence of ura dora and ipptasu bonuses make it very profitable to declare a riichi when possible, if conditions allow and if you have dora. Or if someone made more dora via kan.)
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