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Originally Posted by Dhomochevsky View Post
Finally got around to watch this movie.
Overall it was fun.
+ robots, looking awesome
+ monsters
+ robots and monsters punching each other
- human characters
- the stupid holywood logic, too much of it
- lvl up syndrome (see below)

I think I have never seen a movie that was so much into pulling punches. And worst of it, both sides do it.
The invasion feels like a perfectly balanced rpg. Start with cellar rats, send only the monsters the player can barely handle. Let them level up. Strong monsters reserved for the boss fights. We don't want to really win this, right?
That is not how you do invasion, alien guys...

And on the other side, robots are reluctant to use their effective weapons until the last moment. If you got a freaking sword that can slice a monster in half, then why do you pull it out only after 10 minutes of non -effective punching/throwing(lol) and losing an arm and a leg in the process?
You answered your own question with the last two negative points the movie has, according to your own impressions.

Pretty much stupid Hollywood logic is used to give some sort of dramatic effect, which obviously can fall flat when either executed wrong or not fitting with the tone of the scene at the moment.

Still, Del Toro did some good job with directing the fights and some of the characters, IMO.
- If he had replaced stupid Hollywood logic with anime physics logic the attacks and the fights would have been mind-f***ing awesome to another dimension.
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