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Originally Posted by Dhomochevsky View Post

I think I have never seen a movie that was so much into pulling punches. And worst of it, both sides do it.
The invasion feels like a perfectly balanced rpg. Start with cellar rats, send only the monsters the player can barely handle. Let them level up. Strong monsters reserved for the boss fights. We don't want to really win this, right?
That is not how you do invasion, alien guys...
I suggest you watch the movie.

It was stated by one of the scientists that in the beginning the Kaiju were small with the attacks spaced within several months. It was only a matter of time before the portal became stable and big enough to allow waves of Kaiju to pour in.

That was the idea behind the original assault. To drop a nuke once the breach became stable and big enough that dozens of Kaiju can pour in.

And as found out by Newton, the 1-4 Categories were simply "Hounds" sent out to test humanity's defenses and by the time they get to Cat 3 they were annihilating Jaegers left and right. Once that was done then the "real exterminators" will come in and finish the job.

That was the whole idea behind the invasion. The portal wasn't stable enough to allow a sufficient invasion force so they just sent 1-4 Cat Kaiju to test humanity's defenses until it was stable enough they could send in dozens.

And on the other side, robots are reluctant to use their effective weapons until the last moment. If you got a freaking sword that can slice a monster in half, then why do you pull it out only after 10 minutes of non -effective punching/throwing(lol) and losing an arm and a leg in the process?
If you watch the movie it's stated early on in the newscast and by Hannibal that Kaiju blood is toxic.

That's why the Jaegers' weapons are heat and blunt based. They need to kill the Kaiju while at the same time minimize collateral damage.

If you ever watch Aliens vs. Predator it's the same idea. Cutting up an alien in close range is tantamount to suicide.

By the time they get to the final battle scene though it was "all or nothing" and it was in a remote part of the ocean so contamination would be a secondary thing.
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